Find perfect gifts for garden lovers in my shop- I have a beautiful collection of floral fine art prints that will make a stunning, special gift for someone who just loves their garden. Look no further for stunning floral art gifts for your green fingered family member or friend.

Christmas will soon be upon us (sorry!!) so why not buy the perfect present for gardening enthusiasts- I have a wide range of floral prints for sale in my shop - just click HERE to go straight to the Floral collection in my online shop or click HERE to straight to my gorgeous dandelion print collection.

All my floral and dandelion wall art and prints are available in a range of sizes and can be bought as unframed limited edition dandelion or floral prints or as ready to hang wall art such as canvas, art panels and more. Please drop me a line by clicking HERE to find out more about ready to hang options for floral and dandelion wall art and prices. For examples of the ready to hang products available, click HERE to go to my Blog where you can a post I did recently about the types of dandelion and floral ready to hang wall art I offer.

garden lover gift of dandelion fine art print and wall art with green blue background

garden lover gift- floral fine art prints in custom sizes and finishes- white and grey clover wildflower unframed print

gardener gift- blue thistle wildflower on a cream background available unframed or ready to hang in various sizes

gardening gift- pink clover flower on cream background- fine art giclee floral prints for christmas gifts- available unframed or ready to hang in custom sizes and as canvas, art panel and box frame

gardener gift- three wildflower white clover flowers with shabby chic textures - available as ready to hang floral wall art or unframed fine art limited edition prints

gardening gift- black and white fine art print of dandelion clock seed head- available in custom sizes and unframed or ready to hang