I exhibited at the London Photo Show in October 2022 in the very cool Barge House at the Oxo Tower. I had never been to this place before but had seen it countless times on social media because lots of art events take place there. It is such a cool space- completely stripped back inside, peeling paint, no frills and absolutely full of character. It is on four floors and you can wander from room to room on each floor. I popped in to visit the show early on the Saturday morning while it was still quiet and was delighted to see that my 6 pieces if work were being exhibited right in the main entrance! There was some really creative, interesting and accomplished work exhibited throughout this exhibition.

I had created 6 new photographic artworks for this exhibition which I had taken with a macro lens at Brick Lane, Shoreditch London. The images were super close up photographs of Brick Lane graffiti in all its grungey glory. I wanted to show the layers of paint, peeling away, revealing years of colours but composed as abstract artworks. When you examine the detail, there is so much history revealed by these close ups.

Deborah Pendell artworks at the London Photo Show October 2022

deborah pendell exhibiting at the London Photo Show at Barge house oxo tower london in october 2022