Here are some of the artworks from my Stamp Collection (2022) featuring vintage postage stamps. Each artwork in the Stamp Collection has been created from a macro photograph of the original stamp which has then been enhanced to give it a pop art feel or a contemporary burst of colour. 

To see the full Stamp Collection artworks, click HERE.

stamp collection art- postage stamp collection fine art prints- helvetia switzerland limited edition art in pink and red

These Stamp Collection artworks are available in more than one size and shown on the listings for these items.

Stamp Collection Art- Postage stamp fine art print- japanese nippon stamp art of bodhisattva in yellow

It may also be possible to have some ready to hang artwork made such as aluminium dibond- please message me by clicking HERE for more information 

Stamp Collection Art- postage collection fine art prints- jefferson memorial fine art print- american fine art prints- blue and white vintage stamp limited editions

Stamp Collection Fine Art prints- south africa postage stamp art- vintage stamp limited edition prints

Stamp Collection Fine Art prints- india elephant vintage stamp art- stamp wall art

Stamp Collection Art- japan stamp nippon at- pink vintage postage stamp art- japanese cherry blossom art